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Quinn is a young physics student that discovers a way to travel into parallel worlds. Alongside his professor, a co-worker and a singer that joins by accident, he will start navigating alternate universes, where they can witness how our world would be if history had been different of if they had made different life decisions.

Cast: Cleavant Derricks, Kari Wuhrer, Robert Floyd & Tembi Locke

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Seasons & Air Dates

Action & Adventure show Sliders, created by Tracy Tormé & Robert K. Weiss, first aired on 1995-03-22 on FOX. Sliders has ended and last aired on 2005-05-13.

Total Seasons: 5
Total Episodes: 110
Average Episode Duration: 45 minutes

Season 1 - 1998-06-08 (9 Episodes)
Season 2 - 1995-03-22 (10 Episodes)
Season 3 - 1996-03-01 (13 Episodes)
Season 4 - 1996-09-20 (25 Episodes)
Season 5 - 1998-06-08 (22 Episodes)
Season 6 - 1999-06-11 (18 Episodes)