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A group of scientists is transferred to a high-tech research facility in the Arctic to investigate the outbreak of a disease. Soon, they end up being involved in a situation with the potential of ending with mankind.

Cast: Billy Campbell, Jordan Hayes, Kyra Zagorsky & Neil Napier

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Seasons & Air Dates

Drama & Sci-Fi & Fantasy show Helix, created by Ronald D. Moore & Cameron Porsandeh, first aired on 2014-01-10 on Syfy. Helix is still active and last aired on 2018-05-04.

Total Seasons: 1
Total Episodes: 8
Average Episode Duration: 45 minutes
Helix Official website

Season 1 - 2014-01-10 (13 Episodes)
Season 2 - 2015-01-16 (13 Episodes)