• Director:

    Roman Polanski

  • Release date:

    Mar 10th, 2000

  • Genre:

  • Topic:


Johnny Depp is Dean Corso, a ‘book detective’ and antique dealer looking for a very rare book from the 17th century known for its demonic powers. Before he knows it, he is drawn into a dark conspiracy.

Cast: Johnny Depp, Frank Langella, Lena Olin, Emmanuelle Seigner

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The Ninth Gate Movie Alternatives

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Drag Me to Hell

  • Director:

    Sam Raimi

  • Release date:

    May 29th, 2009

  • GENRE:

  • Topic:


An ambitious young bank employee turns down an old lady’s request for a loan… with devastating results.

Cast: Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Lorna Raver, Dileep Rao

- Drag Me to Hell
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1. Secret Window

  • Director:

    David Koepp

  • Release date:


Mort Rainey, a writer just emerging from a painful divorce with his ex-wife, is stalked at his remote lake house by a psychotic stranger and...

Cast: Johnny Depp, John Turturro, Maria Bello, Timothy Hutton

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2. Once Upon a Time in Mexico

  • Director:

    Robert Rodriguez

  • Release date:


Hitman "El Mariachi" becomes involved in international espionage involving a psychotic CIA agent and a corrupt Mexican general.

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Johnny Depp, Mickey Rourke

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3. The Cell

  • Director:

    Tarsem Singh.

  • Release date:


A psychotherapist journeys inside a comatose serial killer in the hopes of saving his latest victim.

Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Colton James, Dylan Baker, Marianne Jean-Baptiste

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Horror & Mystery movie The Ninth Gate, directed by Roman Polanski & produced by Canal+ España & Artisan Entertainment, premiered on 1999-08-24.

Budget: $38,000,000 (38 million)
Box Office Revenue: $58,401,898 (58.4 million)
Duration: 133 min

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