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In the land of Fantasia, Atreyu has to save the kingdom from The Nothing. With Falkor, they must protect the kingdom.

TAGLINE: "A boy who needs a friend finds a world that needs a hero in a land beyond imagination!"

Starring: Barret Oliver, Chris Eastman, Drum Garrett, Gerald McRaney & Noah Hathaway

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      • Willow | May 1st, 1988
      • 7.3/10 | By Ron Howard
        United States of America | Action, Adventure, Drama & Fantasy

      • Princess Bride | Sep 25th, 1987
      • 8.1/10 | By Rob Reiner
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      • The Goonies | Jun 7th, 1985
      • 7.8/10 | By Richard Donner
        United States of America | Adventure, Comedy, Family & Fantasy

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