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High school life in SoCal is so much cooler. Follow Stacy and Mark, Linda and Mike, and Jeff as they go through high school under Mr. Hand’s scrutiny.

TAGLINE: "Fast Cars, Fast Girls, Fast Carrots...Fast Carrots?"

Starring: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Judge Reinhold, Phoebe Cates & Sean Penn

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      • The Breakfast Club | Feb 15th, 1985
      • 7.9/10 | By John Hughes
        United States of America | Comedy, Coming of age & Drama

      • Sixteen Candles | May 4th, 1984
      • 7.1/10 | By John Hughes
        United States of America | Comedy & Romance

      • Can’t Buy Me Love | Aug 14th, 1987
      • 6.7/10 | By Steve Rash
        United States of America | Comedy, Drama & Romance

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