• Director:

    Nicolas Bazz

  • Release date:

    Sep 16th, 2015

  • Genre:

    Comedy & Sci-fi

  • Topic:

    Black Holes

Three scientists, a psychiatrist, and a mechanic end up 20,000 years away from their civilization through a black hole. Instead of returning home, they decide to explore the universe.

Cast: Jauris Casanova, Hélène Seuzaret, Benjamin Boyer, Laure Gouget

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Event Horizon

  • Director:

    Paul W.S. Anderson

  • Release date:

    Aug 15th, 1997

  • GENRE:

    Action Sci-fi

  • Topic:

    Aliens Black Holes

The starship “Event Horizon” once mysteriously disappeared, but has now returned. A group of astronauts are sent to investigate exactly who, or what, is on board.

Cast: Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan, Joely Richardson

- Event Horizon
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